Thanks for the Encouragement

Thanks for all the encouraging words with regard to the disappointing vest. You guys are all so great you do me a world of good. How can a chap not keep his pecker up with all that friendly cheering from the sidelines? I will think about it for a while and try the vest on again and see if it is as bad as I thought. lol. Now for the good news. A huge snowstorm is starting to hit our area tonight and continue through to late tomorrow. I can barely see my neighbour's house at the moment. I was supposed to have an all day, out of town meeting tomorrow, but it has been postponed because of weather. I went out and got in lots of comfort food groceries, and went to an LYS in the next village and bought a whole sack of consolling yarn. You know -- yarn that you dont need at all but it is so pretty that you find consolation in getting it and dreaming about what you might do with it. It will join my stash. I got a bunch of Manos in a rich red and brown and mahogony mix, and a wack of 1842 wool in various colours for a fairisle type thing I have been thinking of. Spent way too much money but I will be snowed in with it all day tomorrow and maybe even the next. What a gift that will be!! :-)