Knitting for Comfort and For Charity! S;ippers needed.

Hi! I'm the one who taught his entire class of 18 grade 3 to knit. We have busily been making "dishcloths" and we have decided to donate them to a cancer house (for patients who are out of town to stay while receiving treatment), called Sorrentino's Compassion House (google it) we are going to wrapped bars of soap in them and that way when people check in they can have something that you definitely do not get in a hotel. I also have some students making slippers. So....if anybody outthere has yarn that they want to use up consider knitting a few pairs of simple slippers and sending them my way. I will make sure to mention the website when we donate and get some media.


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Looks like I've been sipping too. Should read slippers.

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Any particular pattern desirable? Fiber content?
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