First Toe Up Socks

Snowed in. Blizzard raging outside. Finished up my first pair of Toe-Up socks this morning. Here they are. They went relatively quickly since they are DK weight, rather than fingering weight yarn. Had some problems getting onto the new way of doing heels (compared to cuff down with a heel flap). In fact had to do some darning when finished to fill in a few holes, but I will do better next time. Warm toes for a cold winter's morning. Bliss.

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Very nice job! Look comfy and warm. Of course, I was look for more of a leg shot ;) to go work outside!

PS...I have not done socks yet...which is better in your opinion...toe up or cuff down?

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You didn't ask mine, and I suppose it's a matter of preference, but I've yet to finish a toe-up (I'll just be re-starting my first pair... again)... And never had a problem with a cuff-down. That said, I'm creating my own toe-up pattern in the process, so it's probably not fair to say. It seems to me that the heel is easier cuff-down.....

Grace and Peace,

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They do look nice and comfy. We are awaiting three inches of rain and flooding here- maybe I should be knitting hip boots. What kind of yarn is that in your socks?

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Thank you. The yarn used is by Kreutzer, called "On Your Toes" DK Boot Sock Yarn with Aloe Vera. 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon. I did them on two 3.75mm circular needles, not sure what that is in American needle sizes. I think that if I were doing them again I would use 3.50 or 3.25 for a slightly denser fabric. As for which I prefer, toe up or cuff down,-- this is my first pair of toe up. So I am more used to cuff down and consequently at this point find them easier, Although with cuff down you have to pick up stitches along heel flap, but that is not a problem when you are used to it. Beginning the toe up is more 'fiddly' and I still find it a bit hard to do the wrap and turn heel -- thus the holes I had to darn. But I suspect that can all be learned. The reason I am learning toe up is that I am a tall big footed guy and I like a leg as long as I have yarn for. When you knit toe-up you can weigh and divide the amount of yarn you have into 2, and knit a sock, going up the leg until you run out of yarn. Then do the same with the second one. That way you use up all your yarn to maximum advantage with no waste. With the cuff down you have to guess when to start the foot and therefore can either run out of yarn or have some left over when the toe is finished. Of course with cuff down you coud always, if running out, do the toes in another colour (I do the heels and toes in a contrasting colour if I am afraid of not having enough of the main yarn) but then, I often end up with some yards of unused yarn at the end of it all if I dont guess accurately. In short, toe up or cuff down? Both are good depending on yarn supply and mood. Oh yeah, also with toe up you can more easily try the socks on as you knit in order to check size etc, especially if you do them on two circulars.


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Nice socks! A good winter storm project.



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Very nice! I'll bet your feet are thanking you for those!

I just tried toe up on circulars last weekend. It drove me nuts pulling those cables to rearrange everything. I didn't even get past the toe before I frogged it all and went back to my dpns. Perhaps now was just not the right time for me to tackle that.

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Where is the pattern from?

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The pattern is one I cobbled together from a lot of places. Numbers of stitches etc. from an Anne Budd sock in Interveave Knitts, cast on toe method I used Judy's magic cast on, expecially the Cat Bordhi video, the heel thing from several sources (and still looking for a better one). The top of foot and leg is just a simple 5 knit 2 purl rib, and then for the cuff: beginning where the 2 purl were, knit those two and then over the 5 knit I did 2 purl, 1 knit, 2 purl. (Is that completely incomprehensible???)


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Nice looking socks. I'm still too new at the sock game to try toe up - I read through a pattern and it totaly freaked me out. But eventually I'll try it.