YKnit - New Knitting Podcast by Guys

I just finished listening to the first 2 episodes of this new knitting podcast by two guys in San Francisco. It's off to a good start in my opinion.


There are so many knitting podcasts but precious few by men. Give it a listen - I think you'll enjoy this one.


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Thanks for the post. I listened to both of them and it was good! I'm hoping for much more. I hope they do some interviews with men too!!


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Good point, Frank! I also listened and enjoyed. Those two guys sound so young, it made me laugh to think that something I have been doing for years (knitting) had somehow become fashionable to the point where I am now (inadvertently) in sync with the "kids". Or maybe vice versa.

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I just listened to episode 3 and they interview a number of guy knitters. I really enjoy the style of the show. Very camp and fun!

Knit like the wind!

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One of the two .....Steven..is one of the original members of this list.
...not sure if Michel has joined...but they're both on ravelry...
hizknits & wonderMike.