Pattern Help?

Hey guys, im currently working on the back of a sweater i started a few weeks ago. Ive finally gotten to the raglan shaping part of it, and the pattern instructions are confusing the hell out of me. They read:

53 sts. Work 36 rows dec 1 st at each end as before in next and foll alt row. 19 sts.

Now does this mean that at the beginning and end of each row i should decrease the same way i have been?


Should i decrease the way i have been at the beginning and end of the first two rows and then every other row after?

Or maybe im completely off! Let me know what you think.


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Without seeing the method of decreasing that you were following previously, I could only venture a guess.
Could you provide the information concerning the previous decreases?
but, if I were to guess: the pattern is calling for a decrease at the end of each row (1 decrease per row).

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Since it says at "each end" they are probably saying to decrease one stitch at the beginning of the row and one stitch at the end on every other row.

Also, since it says "in next and foll alt row" that would mean to me that you would only do the decreases on every other row, starting on the next row.

So, for instance, if your next row is a "right-side" row (knitting with the public face of the garment showing), then you would only do increases on the right-side rows and not on the "wrong-side" rows.

Since you're trying to go from 54 sts to 19 sts in 36 rows, this would make sense.

This is the way I am doing it at the moment from the same wording on my pattern.

Ya sure. I was doing a psso at the beginning of the rs rows and k2tog at the end. And on the ws rows i was doing p2tog and then p2togtbl. But now that i know i only do decreases on every other row i dont have to worry about the purl decreases.

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thank you.
It was the psso & k2tog at opposing ends is what I'd suspected you may have been using in the decreases...but...thought it best to verify.
Let us know how your sweater turns out.