DPN's have finally been used...

I picked up a few sets of Clover bamboo DPN's with Michael's 50% off coupons. So, I decided tonight to sit down and try them out. After frogging twice, I got something going. However, I have a question...should the knitting produced be pointed toward you? Or am I knitting backward somehow? The tube, when pointing toward me, is stockinette (since I'm knitting all stitches) The tube, if I were to pull it through and down thru the needles to point at my lap, is reverse stockinette...does that make sense?


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Sounds like you are doing it right. I like dpns, but find them troublesome when doing two-color knitting with two hands- the left hand yarn tends to get in the way.

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The tube when hanging down (and it should hang down) should be stockinette stitch toward you and reverse stochinette on the inside. Get any sock and hold it up by the toe. That is the way your knitting should look. I wonder if you are working on the inside of the tube instead of on the outside. I have seen people do this and it causes a problem when you come to turn the heel. Do you know anyone who can sit beside you? It helps a lot. Wish I were there.

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Perhaps I wasn't clear in my description. If you were looking at your hands and holding the needles straight up in like this / \ with the other 2 needles just hanging down, then the tube is coming toward me, instead of going away from me. The tube I see is stockinette. Does that make more sense?

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I'm trying to visualize this, as I don't normally hold my needles in that position....

But I think you are doing it "right". If I understand correctly you are knitting on the outside of your tube, producing stockinette as the visible surface.

Some people do knit on the "inside" of the tube, and in that case the "spare" needles are towards your body, and the tube of fabric is between you and your working needles.

If I am analyzing your description correctly your working needles are closer to your body, then the tube, then the "other" needles.

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When I get home from work, I'll try to take a picture for illustration...