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Even though my wrists are still bothering me a bit, I cast on today and started working on a panel for  "love blanket" members of the glb-knit listserv are making for a (now former) list member who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

I decided to use some of the yarn I had bought at Rhinebeck last October that I'd originally planned to use in a hat. One ball is a really deep, solid purple and the other is space-dyed in complementary shades of red, purple & blue. I don't know if the intent was to make them so that they'd go together so well, but I suspect it was at least partly so, as I also got a ball of a rich chocolate brown with a complementary ball space-dyed in compatible warm earth tones from the same vendor.

I debated about what to do for pattern, but I finally settled on a courthouse steps design derived from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. It's simple but very homey, and it ties into my love of quilts nicely. I can also complete short strips and set it aside if my wrists need a rest. For the center square, I made an intarsia heart in the variegated yarn on purple background. It's my first intarsia, but it's small and simple and turned out quite nicely. I'll post photos when the block is done.

Now, back to knitting! 


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It sounds great, I have also planned to knit in a quilt fashion. I have seen it been called both blankets, wich is the translation in my schooolglossery, and ahfgan. Is it 2 diffent things or is it just different word for the same thing? Anyone who knows? 

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Blanket is used as a very generic term and can be made of either knit or woven fabric and in a range of sizes. Quilts are specifically multi-layer, sewn blankets - usually (though not always) with a layer of batting sandwiched between top and bottom fabric layers. This particular blanket will be knit, not sewn (except for assembling the squares). I've always used the term afghan to refer to most any knit or crocheted blanket, regardless of size and depending on the intended usage. I consider afghans to be used for covering when sitting. If used primarily as a bed covering, I would probably be more inclined to just call it a blanket.

If anyone would like to see our progress, a blog has been set up at .

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Well to my mind you are right, but then I could be corrected!

A baby blanket is knitted from yorn. A quilt is sewn from fabric & a thick iining is attached & sewn in desgins. A quilt blanket is made from fabric & can be made in many different designs originally using scraps of material. Log cabin, star etc.

You could use the quilted shapes, knit them & sew them together to make a blanket.

An Afghan is to my understanding a small blanket that you keep over your legs to keep warm while watching TV or knitting. Too small for a bed cover but good for armchair or sofa.



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