on to the next one....FABULOUS DADDIO!

Dad's (Fassett) random stripe cardi.

Mom's front panels are done, and now I'm going to do Dad's...I think what I will do for him is a drop shoulder v neck cardigan... I'm doing the shaping on the sewing machine (saving the cut off bits for use in hats, etc.... Rather than have the stripes go horizontal, I'm going to rotate a quarter turn and do slimming (LOL) vertical stripes....

So, what I've done thus far: I had one panel completed, but it was ENORMOUS...I'm 230# (Hey, I've lost almost 20 pounds of winter weight), and I know my father isn't near as big as I, and measured against my biggest sweater that I was drowning in...this panel was like 5" bigger each direction. SO, I cut it along that nasty pukey rotten lime stripe in that center (deleting that color) and shortened the two half panels on my sewing machine by about 5 inches... A very smart idea, I've now decided...The little 5" by 16" panels are each going to be added onto, kitchenered into a loop, and then I'll pick up stitches across the top and decrease the round to make 2 very stylin' hats...

Stay tuned...


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Sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see the final products!!


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so when you cut knitting what do you do with all the opened ends?

we put birds on things

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Basically what I do is a machine steak. See latest post. There are no ends to tie in... Maybe I'll post some pictures... tomorrow.

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I *LOVE* that you treat knitting like fabric...and tailor it!!!
..I do too...but not as knitterly as you....hadn't thought about kitchnering pieces together...

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It looks even nicer in person. Fantastic colors and you can't even see the iced tea. ;)


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You sneaky little cat, you barely said boo last night at the knit group.

Folks, this gal (although rather quiet) is a TREMENDOUS designer, super talented... and proof can be found on her Ravelry profile.

I bow humbly at your compliment and if I may return one...the sweater you wore last night looked fantastic. I wish I had gotten to see what you were working on, though.

I finished that panel last night. Hurrah! I should finish the fronts tonight.

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While I'm not usually a big fan of all "blues" in a garment, yours is the exception in my mind. The colors and how they mix are sublime. Unless I plan something like this carefully first, it never comes out when I try random changes like you did.

Also, every time I read your posts, I have a sudden urge to own a serger.

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It's actually an analogous color scheme based on blue: There are a lot of blues, greys, greens and purples in the piece... I think that's what makes it look lively.

I've discovered some secrets to tailoring handknitwear on sewing machines and sergers... (PS: Sewing machines are easier to control on handknitwear...it just takes more passes over the fabric: 3 vs 1.