Progress report.

So, where we last left off yesterday...I had divided the previously knit enormous back panel in two along a horrible rotten lime green row, shortened the two panels approx 25 stitches (5 inches) on my sewing machine, keeping cast off strips for use in making hats, and started finishing one panel for the back of a drop shoulder v neck cardigan for Dad. I'm happy to say that with the help of a knitnight at Knit-Purl, and a good movie (Across the Universe), I finished the panel last night. HURRAH!

So, my goal today is to finish the fronts and do the shaping I want on the sewing machine... and to map out the sleeves, using the completed back panel as a reference...

I'm tempted to whip out the sleeves on Dad's sweater, as this knitting goes REALLY REALLY REALLY fast and then do Mom's, but I think I should really tackle Mom's first, and save Dad's as a treat for completing her's first.