Here's the latest product from my needles. At Christmas, my niece looked at a green hat & scarf in a store and mentioned how much she would like a scarf. Later, we were looking at knitting patterns and she really liked the Irish Hiking Scarf. So, I decided to knit this for her out of Ella Rae Classic. She'll have it in time for St. Patrick's Day-- how appropriate!


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She's gonna love it. I love that pattern. Made a few myself. Looks very beautiful.

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Beautiful, I love the color. I'm sure she will cherish it.



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I agree, the pieces are beautiful and the color is great. That's right in the range of greens that are my favorite. _____________________________


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Looks great. Just in time for St. Patrick's day


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I admire your craftsmanship - very, very nice.

Knit like the wind!

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Beautifully done, and the green is exquisite! What is the fiber?

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The fiber is 100% wool. It's very nice to work with and at $6.95 a skein I thought it was a bargain.

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lovely and well done

we put birds on things

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Ella Rae classic.

HHow many skeins did it take to do this project? (Beautifully done, BTW). What did you think of the yarn? A number of LYC have switched to it as one of the basic wool plied yarns. Do you think it will wear well... any prone-ness to pilling that you'd see?

I'm quite sure you are her FAVORITE uncle, aren't you?