hats are done

Well, I've finished some hats, but not the Koolhaas yet. That pattern confused me and I had to frog it. I still want to do one. Maybe that'll be next. I did a Chemo cap for a friend, then a fair isle hat for myself - that was my project in my LYS class on fair isle knitting. Right now I have the red scarf that isn't finished yet, (I only knit on that during meetings.) Also a mohair afghan is on the needles along with the sweater viest I started a while ago. I'll try to get more pictures up later in the week. Not much else, the Bubba took me for a walk around the neighborhood earlier so now I'm settled in for an evening of knitting.


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The Bubba...hehehe...great name...hope it's for your dog in the picture.

Also hope you keep going on the Koolhaas...that's a great looking hat...Jared's work is great.