Detail of machine steeking

Done on the Janome Sewist 521.
hand baste-backstitched with fingerling wool singles
short straight-stitched over basting
short straight-stitched half stitch away from cutting line
med zig-zag over the two straight stitched lines
Cut 1/2 stitch over from machine sewing.

Sorry the picture kind of sucks...I'm not that good yet with this digital camera. The selvedge is clean, even, and very flat. SUCCESS! BOOYAH!


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FYI: its spelled steek.

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Thank you for catching the typo...I've corrected it. I've spelt it right in most all my posts.

Here in the PNW we use "steek" as both a noun and verb:

"Girlfriend, are you going to steek those sleeves or do a Zimmermann?"

Here in Spain I use steek as a noun and a verb.

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MMMMMMM...Spain. Tell me you are in some place FABULOUS in Spain. Spanish men....swoon...

I am in a small town on the shores of the Mar Menor, which is sort of a large lagoon of the Mediterranean. It's about halfway between Alicante and Cartagena. I agree with you about Spanish men but have decided to stick with the wonderful Scotsman I have been married to for well over 40 years. If you get the urge to visit I have a little guest casita.

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Ah yes...I've dated 2 Scots, myself.... no explanation neccessary.