Lots of Stuff

Currently working on the Ichida Lace project, although I put that down for a little bit to re-organize my entire house so new carpeting can be put down.

I'm also working on some felted bucket hats for women that I plan on selling.

Just finished a spinning project that I can't write about and started a new one using Black Bunny Fibers roving.

Life is busy.

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Ichida looks so good, it must be very satisfying to watch it develop.

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Your lace projects are so beautiful.

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Very beautiful! Looking at it I get images of tropical foliage like for Bird of Paradise plant, of feathers and flight, light wisps of smoke. Absolutely stunning.

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Wow, that is amazing. I don't know how you guys keep track of the pattern, it would do me in.



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I don't know how joe does it - but I break it down into little teeny bits .....

Joe - since it is St. Patrick's (US celebration if not official St. Day) I will admit your lace is turning me green!!!!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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High praise indeed, MMario...thanks.

The pattern I'm working from is just a graphic, and there are virtually no repeats, so it just requires vigilant tracking of where I am in the pattern. Fortunately, the background netting gets to be pretty routine, so all I need to remember is the number of 4 stitch repeats is included in a particular row.

Required tools: photocopier that increases the size of a graphic, highlighters, post-its and reading glasses (required for anyone over 45 years old)

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Wow, that's my favorite knitted lace I've seen so far. It's so organic and almost free form. It looks as if it grew that way and wasn't knitted at all. Really exceptional.