Noro Stripe

After seeing the scarf knitted by a few guys on here, I thought I'd finish mine (started it months ago but couldn't get into it for some reason) It's taken about seven months


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Looks great. Even though I usually go for subdued colours normally, you've created something with that yarn that's really eye-catching. Hope you've started to get some use from it already. Nice one.

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Great looking scarf

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Very nice, the colors work well together.



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Great work!! What colours did you use?

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Hey Steff, this is really beautiful...congrats on the nice work...really enjoy the colors..kind regards Tony

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I like...very nice. I hear about finishing UFO's: (Unfinished Fiber Object) That's my goal right now, too. A friend dubbed it "Ravelry Rivalry" or "Competitive Knitting."
Well, it gives me an excuse to get some of the uncompleted finished.

I like this scarf though...a very simple but intellegent use of Noro. BrooklynTweed design, yes?

That's a great picture of you, BTW.

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I love the warm pallet you've chosen. It reminds me of a sunrise over the ocean.

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Thanks to you all, I used a mixture of Noro Silk Garden and Noro Silk Garden light (my lys only had Silk Garden in one colour), I can't remember the actual shade numbers, I need to take note in future).

Looks Great! I've started one and can't wait to see the way the colorways work out. Thanks for the picture. Paul