Hoodie Scarf

This is my hoodie scarf. The pattern is free. I didn't do the ribbing along the edge because it looked too much like a bonnet which is not really me. Actually, to be honest, I did the ribbing, hated it and frogged it. I just need to do the blocking.


crmartin's picture

Very nice, I checked out your other pictures of it on Ravelry. The cables are really nice.



albert's picture

I love the yarn, what is it? Details about yarn and needles, please. Will check out the ravellry pics.

joshslade's picture

the yarn is: Tahki Donegal Tweed
needles are US8. the ravelry page has the whole deal including a link to the pattern.

purlyman's picture

That's great. The yarn is really nice, I agree with Albert. Looks like it might be Lamb's Pride? Just a guess.


Darrel's picture

The yarn choice goes quite well with the style of piece. Good framing in the photo to show it off, too! Very nice... :)