taking a wee break

I've decided to take a wee break and do the "cableguy" sweater from "Son Of Stitch and Bitch". But I am doing it in a bulkier (but lofty- lightweight) bluefaced leicester yarn that I found on sale at LYS Knit-Purl.

In the picture, it's a rolled neck pullover, but I think I might redesign it as a zippered cardigan. (I just can't leave anything alone, can I?) It will go very fast, I'm sure. I knit a sampler swatch last night in an hour, and when I put it up to my mule, it covered 1/5 the material for the front from the armhole down.

More to follow...


I cannot wait to see how it turns out! I am currently working on the Bike Jacket in a "pine" colored Cascade yarn with "sparrow" colored trim. I have been eyeing the "cable guy" sweater for my next project. I wanted to leave the rolled neck but add a 2x2 rib at the bottom. Making it into a cardigan sounds wonderful. Let us see how it turns out!

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Will you steek the cardigan? Whats a "mule"?

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a "MULE" is actually a automotive design term....

Used to be when they were designing future models, they would try design ideas on the frame of a current car... (I basically do the same...but with fabric.) The hybrid of new and old was called "the mule"... as it was packing around the new bits.... KAPEESH?