Redefining YSP

Why is it that everything my partner asks me to knit for him ends up being a YSP?

I've been trying to knit the Uncle Argyle Scarf from Son of Stitch 'n Bitch. I'm using one yarn that he brought back from Australia, and another yarn he picked out (and paid for) from the LYS here. This is my first true double-knit project, and it's fascinating how it works. However...

My handy dandy row counter is helpful, but WTF. I look at the pattern and TRY to keep count of my stitches, and I usually do a good job. Re-counting all the time out of paranoia. Then suddenly I'm at the end of a row with too many or too few stitches left. I have to go back, look at the row, and I see that where there was a long string of the same stitch, I miscounted on the PATTERN (not the row), so that even if I'd counted until I died on my actual work, I'd still be off. The pattern in the book had me switching the definition of the chart "symbols" every other row, and that only ended in horrible, flaming disaster. Well, in my mind, the book caught on fire. In real life, though, the only heat was my face as I un-did nearly a whole row at least three times in the first repeat alone. I RECHARTED the pattern on Excel so it wasn't so ABSURD. Yes, it's nice to look at the chart and see how it looks exactly like the scarf, but when you have to check not only what the symbol means, but also which row your on to ensure that it's not REVERSED, it's just ...RIDICULOUS.

So tonight I settled in to some "relaxing" knitting after he jokingly pesters me about how slow I'm being. An hour later, I'm ripping out the SAME ROW I started on this evening and cursing up a storm. I off-handedly mentioned that all this yarn might "accidentally" become a hat or something less malignant. Confusion in his voice, he says, "I don't see how that's any harder than anything else you've ever knitted."

I told him I would have his scarf finished by Christmas as long as he never pestered me about it again. LOL. I'm to repeat the pattern 23 times. So as long as I knit 2 1/2 patterns each month, I'll have it done by then (I have one successful pattern completion).

I can tell whether I'm in the mood to knit the scarf by just looking at it. If the room starts vibrating and things burst into flames, it's not the right time.


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i want that scarf (in the same brown and green, and then another in the same brown but with a neutral blue), but i absofrigginlutely HATE double-knitting
i assume i could always knit each side seperately and then seam up the sides, eh?
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Or knit it in the round. So much easier!!

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Double-knitting is slow going, but it is nice when finished. I've not done a scarf, but I did two some pot-holders last year. Good luck!


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Do we need to change it to the YugiDean Partner Project?

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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>>>> after he jokingly pesters me about how slow I'm being.

He pesters you and you have sharp, pointy needles in your hands....He's a brave man. Foolish...but brave.

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LOL I said someting similar to that to him, and his response was, "If airport security isn't that concerned about them, neither am I." ;-)

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First off, not being too familiar with the lingo, what does "YSP" mean? Next, I really like that scarf pattern. I was thinking that it would be neat of have an afghan that was double knit. this an experiment in the making?

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"YSP" is probably unique to MWK; it stands for "Yugi Squirrel Project". Take a look back at his blog before christmas and you'll see why!

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LOL And unique to only a few of us at that.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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That's weird - I just found this site, and (thanks, TSA) was recently working on that very scarf on an airplane. I've had to go back almost full rows to fix mistakes TOO OFTEN (mostly by forgetting about reversing). It's slow, but I'm still (mostly) enjoying it. My first time double-knitting, too. Thanks for this great site!

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I mentioned somewhere else that I really do *NOT* like charts that have the symbols reperesent different stitches on WS and RS rows. I'd much rather have them show what stitches you MAKE, rather then how the stitch appears on the RS - even if it does make the chart look a bit wonky.

But then again - I'm icon/symbol challenged.

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation