my story so far

OK, I admit it, i'm too scared to try anything other than a scarf.
I was until now anyway.
With the weather starting to cool off a bit, i dragged my knitting bag out and found at the very bottom the circular needles I bought on sale about two years ago.
And I've just committed myself to a fishermans rib hat, knitted in the round.
Seeing all the great projects on here has inspired me to knit outside my comfort zone, and i'm starting with a little hat.


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You'll find your comfort zone expanding as you go. You don't have to learn every thing at once, just have fun with it.

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Just keep telling yourself "This is knitting, not brain surgery- if I mess up, NO ONE dies!" The worst thing that can possibly happen is that you spend some time in the frog pond and try again, yarn is very forgiving.

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I love seeing how folks approach knitting differently. If you have any difficulties, this forum is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Keep us posted.

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Welcome to the group and good luck with the hat. I'm sure you will do fine.



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Welcome!! Glad to hear you're trying something new. I've been knitting for about 5 years and am still trying new things that I can just add to the repertoire. I imagine there are always new things to try - I think you'll love the circulars. Even knitting straight I use the circulars now - haven't knitted on two straight needles in years.


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Many times my comfort level says "hey, let's not get in over our heads." I then thank it for sharing it's opinion and then politely tell it to piss off.

Welcome to our happy home...