The Bird Continued

One last photo just to illustrate how fearless our Quaker...or our cat can be. I apologize for taking up space with non-knitting stuff.


albert's picture

That is a very strange sight!

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I, too, have a quaker, Coco. 18 years old and she is definitely the 'queen b*tch' of the house. That little green pile of feathers will try to dominate anything and anyone that gets in her way!

I also have a 14 year old African Grey named Gandalf. Very much the teenager...constantly getting into things and full of energy. He has about 30 words/phrases in his vocabulary that come out at the most appropriate times.

Since I yell at Coco to shut up, Gandalf has learned it and now will yell at her even when I'm not in the room. I'll pass by, hear Coco screeching, then suddenly hear Gandalf's raspy voice: "Coco, QUIET. You're too damned loud!!"

It's quite funny.