Squares on Circulars?

This might be a silly question, but can I continue knitting a square on circulars? I'm knitting 9 of these for a baby blanket and I've just about run out of room on the DPNs. Can I switch to a longer circular needle or do I need to switch to a set of 5 circular needles to keep the square shape?

Thanks guys!!


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Of course you can change to circular needles just be sure to put place markers at the corners so you know where to increase. I would start off with 16" circular then work my way up as you increase stitches.


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My current lace project is square, and I use two long circulars...two sides on each circular with a stitch marker in the center of each. It works like a dream, plus I can stretch it out to include a picture.

Link to lace

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That's a very interesting pattern. That blanket is going to be awesome when you finish. Are all the panels going to be identical? Where did you find the pattern (or is it an original???). And thanks for the idea. I never even thought of using circulars for squares, but I don't see why they wouldn't work. BRILLIANT!

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Thanks. It's from this book - probably available in your local public library or bookstore: Knit Baby Blankets!


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Thanks! This is a pattern from a cute little book I got called "Knit Baby Blankets". I got it about 5 years ago at Barnes & Noble I think. I've done a few patterns out of it. I appreciate the feedback! It'll be so much easier on the circulars.


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I will seocnd Joe's suggestions to use two circs; markers at the midpoints and a different marker to mark the beinning of the round. Or, if you *have* a longer circ you can do it all on the one; but the advantage of the two is that you can usually spread things out more, plus it gives more logical stopping places if you need to set it down.

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No, you can't. Its a sin against God.

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At this point, I either have to go to confession or I'm just damned to hell.


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Better go to confession, otherwise you'll spend Eternity locked in the Redheart factory.

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Actually, I believe the formal description of eternal damnation has something to do with the availability of REALLY great yarn.... and no knitting needles... or perhaps it's the other way around.... ;-)

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I'm currently working on a square afghan that requires to move from DPN's to circulars. I've tried both knitting with two circulars and one 60 inch circular. I find that it's much faster working with the one long circular, and there seems to be less stress on the corners, which I experienced at the joins when using the two circular needles.

However Mario is completely correct that it is easier to spread things out and look at how you're progressing when working on two circular needles. I guess that's the paradox that makes knitting the great craft it is: there's really no right or wrong way to do it.