Men's Knitting Circle in Tampa Bay Area

Any guys in the Tampa Bay area interested in starting a men's knitting circle? I would love to have such a group locally and I believe there are at least a few of us in the TPA area on the site. We may be a little spread out, but perhaps we could meet at a few locations so that no one person would have to travel a lot everytime.

Let me know what you guys think.


purlyman's picture

Hey Brent,

My grandfather (and now parents) live in Dade City (northwest of Tamps towards Orlando) but I'm in Denver. I'd come knit once a year maybe? Good luck getting a group started. We've recently started a group in Denver (Mile Guy Knitters).


boyforpele13's picture

hey brent! haven't signed in to MWK FOREVER! i hope we get something going! I actually had an e-mail from someone asking me about a tampa bay men's group, so i directed him to you, yay!

take care and thanks for doing this!!!!

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