Pinwheel Blanket

a super fun and easy pattern to do - mindless, really - I am using up a bunch of random yarns, including homespun and the yarn I had made out of Winky (my cat's fur) and Dakota (one of our dogs) from vip fibers... I am on size 9 needles, and quickly migrated to a 29" circular, then 2 29" circulars - I'm getting close to needing a third one now... although the growth is slowing - at 34 stitche per section, and 10 sections, it's taking a few minutes to make it around the thing now...

lots of fun though and a great way to use up the odd skeins of otherwise questionable novelty yarn I have lurking in my stash!


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I love the colours and the combination.

Which colours are Winky and Dakota?

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Beautiful color combination.



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Winky is grey/tan (I have knitted her yarn into the blanket; it's the first widish band from the outside) I am interested in how "felted" this cat yarn turns out - it's really interesting... and I was knitting at a friends house, and her little dogs couldn't stop sniffing the cat hair part of the blanket... don't get me wrong; it doesn't smell at ALL - but dogs have a great sense of smell... and I guess they can tell 'that's cat!'

- Kyle


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omg i'm loving it................. it's so beautiful

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very nice! i wanna know what yarn that is in the center? i might have to buy some and make something from it (or let it sit in my stash for a year or so).

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Mmm... this type of fiber/project combination is like the whole-grain bread of knitting. It's hearty, earthy and I love it. I wonder if I have any granola in the pantry. _____________________________


that is just remarkable...lovely...catches the eye.....