Damned love...

This has absolutely nothing to do with knitting, except for maybe that this is the single most hindering thing in my life now that's keeping me from it! I think I have fallen in love. There. I said it! Ughh...

And of course, he's WONDERFUL -- smart, funny, artistic, kind, IN GERMANY.......Yeah.

I actually met him a few years ago. We aged-out of the same Drum Corps (Troopers) together, but never had a whole lot of time to just talk... I suppose I fancied him then, but was nervous and didn't want to get emotionally involved. Well, that's out the window now! We've been talking on SKYPE for hours on end! He's actually from Idaho, but studying abroad in Frankfurt. Although he'll be returning at the end of June, I want to see him sooner than that!

This brings me to my plight...does anyone have experience with international travel to Germany? I'm trying to find an "affordable" ticket leaving in the latter part of may. ::sigh::

Who knows....but all I know is that now I have someone to knit stuff for! And here's the awesome thing...he LOVES wrist bands! omg...little easy pockets of joy! I practically have an array of them designed for him already!


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My favorite source of finding the cheapest flights on my own is Kayak.com - It looks through all the airlines and also other travel sites like Expedia and compares them all.

From Raleigh/Durham to Frankfurt, looks like the cheapest flight I could find is about US$680 roundtrip.

Good luck...the blush of a new love is always exciting.

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i lived in german and austria for several years, but it was so long ago i think i went by raft. try craigslist and other sites. there have been so many airline mergers i don't know who is still around. frankfurt is easy hub to fly direct to.

on another note, i am ex drum corps, westshoremen back east (senior corps) and last year i was movement instructor for return of velvet knights

all non knit related, i know, but nice to meet a fellow traveler

we put birds on things

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Good for you! Isn't love wonderful?

Does this mean you're out of the running and I can have Jake?

OMG...thank you all for your support and advice! It's just been weird...GOOD , but weird, I think this is going to be my first "boyfriend" ever! So excited....

And as for Jake --

You knit his portrait, and we'll talk about it. :)

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

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What a lovely story, good for you :-)

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A friend of mine at work told me the best time to buy airline tickets is between 1:00 am and 8:00 am EST on Wednesdays. He said airlines have good deals because prices are reset every Wed. at 8:00 am. I don't quite get why that would be, but he said he got a good deal on a ticket to Dubai. I've never tried it myself, but if you're a night owl it couldn't hurt to check it out.

Good Luck! Hope you'll be able to meet up with your new love in Germany.

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Here is a little tip...if you don't mind a couple of layovers in favor of cheaper ticket prices, do it. When I went to Germany I took a one layover (K.C. to Chicago to Dusseldorf) If I would not have minded traveling an extra day I could have shaved nearly $500 off of the total round trip ticket price by flying into Dallas, then Tel Aviv, then Dusseldorf...Layovers can save money so look into it. Also check with some of the smaller travel agencies around, ours here in town can usually find me a better deal than I can get online, even with their commission fees, it just depends on what I am willing to compromise with (as far as day leaving, coming back, and layovers). RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!

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Check out zuji.com - they are the Singapore subsidiary of travelocity, and have good deals. I booked London last year for $230/person in April. If you care to make a connection in Atlanta, clarkhoward.com has travel deals from Atlanta. (scroll down to Atlanta Travel deals). He currently has American Airlines $530 to Frankfurt by May 17th, British Airways to Frankfurt -$560 from Atlanta by May 25th. Also check out 'Gateway' cities like NY, Boston, or Chicago. A valid passport, and your ticket (and funds!) are all you need for travel to Europe.

Best of Luck.

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Fabulous, way to go. Keep checing sources like expedia and travelicty and sometimes you can get deals from the airlines directly online.

Good Lucj


just a little update...John and I are officially an item! Oh my god.....he is just -- fantastic! So handsome, smart, funny, sweet, protective, endearing, aluring, entrancing....

And he's mine! I know this STILL doesn't have much to do with knitting. However, we've already talked about going to grad school, and he said, "we could have matching "his" and "his" scarves in our school colors!"

How sweet is he????

Ughh....I love him more than beer and hot wings! :)

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss