FO - 'Playboy' Hat

I started this hat sunday night as a stress release after working on a life-size self portrait for school. I cant believe how quickly it went! A friend of mine has already commisioned me to make her one in a solid color. Ill need to make the hat a bit longer though...

The pattern called for the base of the hat to come up only 5 inches, which i shouldve realized was a bit too small, but with a little tugging, it fits just right.

Ill try to get a picture with the hat actually on, but until then heres a little peek.


albert's picture

Very humorous- the yarn suits the design perfectly. Look forward to seeing it modelled.

crmartin's picture

Really cute, I love the colors. Do we get to see the self portrait?



Its really only a back view... I decided against having to paint my face on account of 4 other big assignments due the same day.