This sweater I did a time ago but its very nice and took a bit of time because of the pattern

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What a great sweater!  I really love the colour and the pattern.  The pattern looks quite fine.  Lovely craftsmanship!

That is a great sweater. Well done.

Knit away, knit away

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Fantastic!  Tell us, do you design your knitwear?  Looking at your postings this morning was like viewing a style show.  Everything is beautiful!

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Thanks all, no I dont fabric my own designs I use a pattern to going out from thats the easyest i think - but some time I have to change it to my knitting size LOL

thanks for all the roses Love and care Palle


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You are talented.  What a great sweater.  It is just spectacular looking.  Look forward to seeing more.

I Just hope my sweater will look as good as yours when I finish.