Weaving anyone!!!!??????

Hi Guys!

My BF is feeling left out of the knitting fold (he does not want to knit) but I have taught two of our friends to knit and he wants something to do as well. Crochet also holds no interest to him, but he is intrigued by weaving. I have googled and not come up with alot of good info for beginning weavers. I want to get him a loom type thing for his birthday next month, but don’t want to spend a ton since he is not sure if he would like it. Is there a good beginners loom out there for under $75.oo???

Thanks for any help


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check out Inkle looms.

Even cheaper - you can make a frame of canvas stretchers from an art supply store, use small brads inserted at each end to wrap a warp, and then needle weave with a tapestry needle.

or even simpler - see fram loom

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Check out various "rigid heddle" looms. These are some of the more simple looms that will let him learn the basics of warping a loom and basic weaving techniques.

Once he's hooked, it will start to get a lot more expensive (from what I understand).

Try this link:


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The rigid heddle loom and the Tapestry rigid frame looms are good ideas! I might also suggest Card weaving, it works up quickly and in an hour or so he could have bracelet done, a belt in an evening or two. It would probably be his cheapest introduction to the art of weaving... before he works his way up to a sixteen harness/eight treadle floor loom that takes up your whole living room and the entire budget of some 3rd world countries' governments.

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Thanks guys...I will be looking into some of these things. Hopefully find something for him that he likes...although last night he tells me: "Maybe I want to try photography." Go figure....men, they are so damn wishy-washy and non-committal :D