Scumble Swap Signups (Freeform Knitting/Crochet)

For those of you interested in delving into the world of freeform knitting/crochet, I'm in the process of organizing a scumble swap!

check out the info on my blog:

Scumbles are assemblages of knitted and crocheted bits... check out the work of Janice Rosema or Prudence Mapstone to get a basic idea of what it is (if you don't already know)

it's super easy, FUN and a great way to play with yarn *without a pattern*! The best part about the swap is you'll end up with pieces that have coloring that you may never have thought to put together, or they might introduce you to a new construction technique...

anyway, check it out and sign up if you're interested - the signups will go all the way to April 25th.