How many knitting bags do you own?

I think I have 8 right now. I'm assuming that's a "normal" amount among the assembled company?


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I have yet to find one with all the features I want. I've been using a plain tote, but it's really not sufficient. I use the messenger bag I take to work sometimes but again, not ideal and I hate having to switch between work stuff and knitting or trying to stuff them both in.
so I guess my answer is 1.5 heh

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2. I have one large one and one small backpack for my WIP.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Just my regular purse which is large enough to hold a whole sweater project.

Granted, it bulges obscenely past its normally slim appearance with a whole sweater in it, but it fits is the point I'm making here.

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I use a small Rubbermaid waste basket- what's a knitting bag?

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I have three, two small sock bags that hold a skein of yarn, needles, scissors and the socks. I also have a larger one made from the same material as one of the smaller ones. They are made from beautiful animal prints that I purchased from Whitewillow on etsy.



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I have 3, but my favorite is a scrapbooking bag I found at LTD Commodities. It has lots and lots of pockets for various things and it's huge.

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I'm thinking of making one - I don't have anything yet and I'm getting tired of tripping over plastic bags filled with yarn/needles. I've seen some interesting roll pouches for needles, which look simple to make, and thought I'd see if I could find some really great fabric to use. I've also thought of just getting some wicker baskets and making liners for them. It seems most of the bags sold in yarn shops sell bags that have floral prints on them, and don't really appeal to me. If I end up making something I'll post photos.


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One in normal use with four or five others for stashing multiple projects.

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I don't know where I learned about it, but I found this fabulous knitting bag at Lowe's. It is a canvas toolbag with lots of pockets and shoulder strap. In addition, it has two small canvas bags with velcro that attach to the inside of some of the bigger pockets. It looks rather butch too.

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I use canvas tote bins I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have small and large and are great for storage or sitiing next to my chair as I work.

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I find the re-useable grocery bags work great...especially the ones I linked to, since they have "bottle holders" in them that can be used to hold things other than yarn.

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I use the Tom Bihn knitting bag. It's called "The Swift" and it's GREAT!!! Designed in conjunctions with the folks at Knitty, it holds a TON of stuff, yet it isn't too bulky. I carry 2-4 projects and a small laptop in it.
Check out the website here:


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Ooh! I was wondering if anyone had that bag and what they thought of it. It looks fantastic, I've had my eye on it for some time now.


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i'm like robin hood vandal: i have one tote bag that was a freebie at the lys with not shape or compartments, and a plastic one that was a gift but not very useful. i've shopped around for something more masculine that travels, has pockets, etc. 1.5 and still looking. also, i need a better pouch for the small stuff. the needles are elusive, the small things i need most fall to the bottom. i want something that holds cable needles, tapestry needles, etc in place.

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I have an unnecessarily huge Lion brand one from the near chain craft store; I bought 2 of the Men Who Knit ones from Cafe Press. I only ever have 2 projects going at once (to ensure they actually get done), so I prefer smaller ones..

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Hmmmm . . . never been asked to "come out" about my knitting bags before . . . I guess I'll own up to an even dozen, though I must have more than that since I always have more WIP's than that. I can visualize at least 12 of them as I sit writing this. I have quilted bags, "tapestry-look" bags from A.C. Moore, one bright pink canvass- reinforced bag I won at the LYS (great to have when I need to be spotted at the airport), a couple of London Fog bags I bought cheap through my credit card, and a couple of projects in paper shopping bags (the dept. store type with rope handles). Maybe I'd better count tonight . . . or maybe not.

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I have only one. I have a "bag" (bit more like a big, tall basket) with handles that is woven out of corn husks and lined with royal blue cotton which closes at the top with drawstrings. It's really nice looking and it keeps the cat out of my knitting. It also has a grommet for feeding your yarn through. The only downside may be that it only has pockets to fit a couple pairs of straights but that doesn't bother me since I keep my notions in a small case.


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I'm a knitting bag whore, and not the only one, (You know who you are! Time to come out of the closet!) I never counted before, and I'm not home to count them all, right now here with me I have 3. and from memory I counted 13 others. I probably have more though.

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