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Howdy all. Well, I have started EZ's Seamless Sweater (again thunder and lightening erupt as Geoff barely whispers the words). I have followed her rules. I measured my favourite sweater and doubled it coming up with 44" around. Next, I did the test swatch to measure my gauge and I'm at 4.25 stitches per inch. I multiplied it out did some rounding and came up with 188 stitches. Then I cast on 90% of that 168 and started the 2X2 rib. So, here's the deal; this thing looks really small. I know it's bunched up on the needles but it just seems so tiny. Is this normal? I really don't want to get really far into this thing and find out that it's way to small. Also, she says to do 30 rounds of ribbing. I'm on row 14 and I've got about 2.5 inches. If I do what she suggests I'll end up with about 5.5 inches of ribbing. This seems like too much. Looking at my sweaters, they tend to have about 3 to 4 inches. Should I stop when I get to this length?

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Hi, Cowboy,
When you did your gauge swatch, did you do IT in the round as well? If you did it on straight needles, it will not be accurate because most people knit and purl at different tensions. I have been working at starting my fist EZ too and already I made this realization. You need to do your swatch on very short circulars or using double points needles. Hope this helps.
Also, regarding the ribbing, I would ignore the 30 row intructions and do it until you think it looks right. Her philosophy seems to be YOU are in charge of this project. That's why they are not so much directions but a recipe. Let us know how you're doing...

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As far as gauge goes, you really can't tell yet if this is too small. You're only up to the ribbing and it's scrunched onto the needle.

Gauge swatches might be inaccurate, but I would recommend doing the ribbing and then about 3-4 inches of body before deciding if it's too small.

As for the length of the ribbing, I usually go longer rather than shorter, but 5.5 inches is too much. I'd stop at 4 inches at the most.

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Thanks for the info. I'm stopping at 3 inches for the ribbing. I went back and read some of her instructions again. She suggests taking the piece off the needles and measuring it when you have 6 inches completed. So, I'll just keep knitting until then. I'm hoping that I'll end up with 22 inches across.

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Excellent. Thanks for this question Geoff and to Weenie and Joe for teir replies, as I have a feeling that I'm going to be referring to it in a future project myself. Great to have such useful information from a friendly group of guys.

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I too have just started one of EZ's seamless receipies. I'm actually working on the "hybrid." So as I was working on up the body of the sweater, I too thought that it looked a little small. But after about 10" into it, I was able to measure it and it seems to be just about right. So I recommend you knit up on the body a little more to get accurate measure above the ribbing.

Which one are you working on?

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Good on you! I think EZ's 30 rounds of ribbing idea is meant for finer yarns, 5 or 6 stitches to the inch in gauge.

I'm working on the Argyll V-Neck from "Knitting For Him" (not an EZ design) and it requires 30 rounds of ribbing in the jumper-weight Scottish tweed, which measures out to 3". That seems to be pretty standard for the finer yarns.

I know Meg Swansen (EZ's daughter) frequently suggests 3 inches of ribbing when she makes sweaters. Throughout EZ's videos and books both she and Meg talk a lot about looking at your knitting and judging the effect you are achieving rather than blindly following a pattern. It's one of the things that I like the most about this approach to knitting -- nothing is more enlightening than watching Meg changing her mind and frogging back and doing something different because she doesn't like the way EZ did it originally or because she doesn't like the way it looks.

Looking forward to seeing your work!

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi