One down, 3 to go...on SPEED!

I completed a sleeve for Dad's sweater 2 nights ago...didn't like how it turned out (too skinny, too much shaping to the cap). So I've decided to bite the bullet: I frogged the cap shaping and removed the bottom of the sleeve (I'm picking up/knitting the cuffs, buttonband, collar after everything else is done) below 3 sets of increases (about 4 inches of knitting)... I finished up the sleeve at the knit store coffee shop (My tummy still requiring that I be nearby a loo). I was working on speed technique and making some progress. I spied the women in a class looking at my knitting with alarm which I assume was because I was going through a sleeve row in 54 seconds (purling is now faster). I've discovered, the SECRET to speed knitting, like speed typing, is to not watch as you knit...Your muscle reflexes are far faster than your hand eye co-ordination... The speed knitters on YOUTUBE, who TOTALLY "put my lights at a peep" don't watch their knitting at all...

Anyhoo, back to the sleeve... At this point, it's a straight shoulder cap, drop shoulder. BORING. Dad's a big bodied guy, so hopefully it won't look baggy on him. (I prefer raglans with gussets for myself).

The other thing I discovered... is that a vertical striped body with a horizontal striped sleeve looks WRONG on this sweater... I can't figure out why...but if I can't make it work by the time the second sleeve is finished, I'm turning the body panels horizontal and having the stripes run side to side... Sorry Dad... no slimming vertical stripes for you....


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PS: I'm not knitting the sleeve in the photo...I just thought it was cute and I wanted to post it...

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Your picture caption sound like the title of a movie or Edwardian Novel.
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That is the "SECRET" to playing a musical instrument, too. The movement of the hands becomes natural and at ease through practice. Instructors insist on looking at the page of printed music, not the instrument. Watching the hands only bogs down the mind. It's focus on the movement of the hands impedes their feel for spatial context and flow. I had not even begun to see a similarity of that to knitting until you posted this. I will have to begin practicing that, as I am still a young, slow knitter. ;-)

You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

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I'm learning guitar after bursitis robbed me of the ability to comfortably play my big old German Viola. I know exactly of what you say.

(although I find it far easier to be one with the knitting than one with the guitar...)

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It looks like you're knitting at a yarn shop I have visited in Portland, Oregon? Knit/Purl? I have considered signing up for a class there ... what would you recommend?

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You are right: It's Knit Purl. Terrisa works there (and it has been richly rewarded for having her coolness added to it's environs). I've never taken classes there, but most all the yarn stores in Portland have very good classes (I don't know anything about "twisted" our newest). Close Knit, Knit Purl, Abundant Yarn, Yarn Garden...all good.

(I don't care for Naked Sheep... the owner is Super nice, and the store is well organized, but I just get a weird vibe from the place...maybe because it's so impeccably tidy and I prefer a more "lived in" space.)