Sewing a Cardigan Together

Hi Guys - I finally finished all 5 pieces of the cardigan I'm working on (my first one), and now I have to figure out how to sew the pieces together. I could use some advice on the best stitch to use. It has set in sleeves which I've never done before either. My first attempt at sewing a shoulder seam together was disastrous, so I had to take it apart. Any suggestions?


I usually do a 3 needle bind off at shoulder seams.

For vertical seams, like at the sides and for the sleeves I do mattress stitch.

Have never done a sewn-in set in sleeve, as I usually like to do things seamlessly, so no advice there, sorry. :(

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I hate seaming, most knitters do you know. I would check for any seaming vids and instructions. If you can get hands on help from your LYS, it would be the best way to go. Good luck and just take it slowly. I usually do a bit of seaming then let myself knit something really nice for a while.

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Like Roger, I also use a 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders and mattress stitch for the sides.

For sewing in the sleeves, I prefer my own method (which I'm sure others have discovered way before I ever did):

Seaming A Sweater Sleeve Tutorial

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Your LYS is the best place to get tutelage. But this is what I usually do: (Yes, I like seamed sweaters...they're easier to retailor, should I wish to...)

I graft or kitchener stitch the shoulders together...then, RIGHT SIDE UP, I pin the shoulder caps of the sleeve into the set in sleeve spaces: Pin the flares of the sleeve with where they'll join the body panels right before the side decreases... Do this on the front and pack panel edge of the one sleeve. Then pin the center of the cap to the shoulder seam. Then, (assuming that there are no fancy tricks in the pattern) I stretch the panels between the pins which usually makes it clear where the two panels line up. I then pin midway between the shoulder and the under arm, and divide those two spaces with another pin, etc etc until I've pinned the entire sleeve on both the front and the pack panel. (You want the sleeve pinned evenly and smoothly). Then, starting at the shoulder, I graft one panel to the sleeve, and again starting from the shoulder, I do the other edge...Repeat for the second sleeve...then I graft the side seams and then the sleeve seams. The final things I do is steam set all the seams with an iron...and block, if I haven't already done so.

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Thanks for all the good advice! Wish I'd known about some of these techniques before I started, but that will just make the next one that much easier, right?! I appreciate your help!