Lavender Baby Blanket

Baby blanket I made for my sister and her partner for the little bundle of joy they are expecting next month. I used Mission Falls 1824 superwash and size 8 needles. The pattern is called "Tilting Ladder Pattern" and I found it in Barbara Walker's "Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns." Don't you love Barbara's books? I have worn out my copy of "Treasury of Knitting Patterns." The pages are coming out and the binding is broken but it's still the first place I go when looking for something new to do.

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Bill's picture

Oh dear! ...another book I have to look for! Bill

Such a beautiful colour! and a lovely pattern. Lavender is pink enough for a girl and blue enough for a boy! What a great idea! Well done!


Knipper's picture

Great blanket.  The color is terrific and agree with Simon, goes with either gender.   Those Barbara Walker books are a treasure to have.  Mine are dog-earred and have provided plenty of inspiration over the years.  By the way, what are the dimensions of the blanket?