Raglan decreases for sweaters

I've just finished my first experience of raglan decreases on a sweater and I'm hooked.

Producing body and sleeves in the round and then knitting the tops of all three in the round until it's time to shape the neck is cool. The two diagonal 'joins' at the front and back of the chest lending themselves to a feature.

This shape is great for those of us who don't enjoy seaming the different parts of a garment. I read somewhere a knitters' adage which reads "never sew when you could knit".

I've been using Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I really like this book, and the way that so a full range of sizes and yarn tensions are provided.

Until you've seen how the book is laid out, it sounds like a knitting-pattern-nightmare, but I found the book really easy to follow. As it is, my tension didn't divide into a round number, but I was able to pick a higher stitch-to-the inch, and knit a smaller finished chest and it came out perfectly.


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I've done a few baby sweaters and one adult sized sweater using the same idea. I do love it!! It's really great. So nice to not have to sew or graft pieces together. I highly recommend it as well.


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I'm with you on avoiding sewing up. We're in good company too. Elizabeth Zimmerman says much the same.

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Raglan sweaters are really some of the nicest and most flattering fitting sweaters, especially if you are a big guy. I love em... I`m going to be trying my first yoked sweater (Brooklyn Tweed`s Cobblestone)...Doing someone else`s design is a departure for me, but I wanted to try something that I didn`t immediately want to adapt, and this seemed like a good choice. Have you done a yoke sweater yet?

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Now you mention it, a yoke sweater will be my next project but one. I thought I'd do something like a sweater from Drops Design that has rather taken my fancy.

I'm not really into patterns, either on clothing or around my home, but I really like the look of this one. I ordered the yarn from this from New Lanark in Scotland. It's the natural colour version of the yarn I've just finished using and a DK weight rather than Aran. Before that I'm doing another raglan, but this time in the bulky "Twilleys Freedom", at 3 stitches to the inch.

So you'll probably have your yoke done before mine. I'll watch out to see how it goes.