Spring has sprung

Knitted and felted a couple of stuffed animals for Easter gifts and am finishing up an afghan for a birthday gift. After that I'm kind of in a funk about what to knit next.

Is anyone really excited about projects for spring and summer and willing to share ideas?


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omg, those are SO FREAKIN CUTE! Are they the Fibertrends pattern or something else? NEED them! :)

i'm working on socks as usual, can't help you there, sorry. :( oh, and April is ASPCA month, so working on Snuggles too.

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They are made from the Fibertrends pattern. I met a lady at my LYS who was making one for her son, who is teaching English in Austria for a year. After seeing the demo, I just had to make some. I'm thinking of making one for my dog. She loves stuffed toys; I think she would really take to it.

I recently bought the book Knitting Circles Around Socks. I love sock knitting, just haven't found any sock yarn lately that inspires me to pull out the old DPN's. Maybe learning to knit two at the same time will be enough of a new challenge to compensate for my misfortune of not finding any yarns I just love.

Thanks for the info about ASPCA. I have three cats and one dog. I recently had to put my dog of eight years down due to terminal illness. Maybe it's time to consider opening up my home to another? Have a great spring!

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Took the words right out of my mouth.... totally cute cute cute.

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Those are absolutely adorable! No ideas for spring projects, I'm currently into chemo hats and socks.