FO: Bamboo vest

I finished this yesterday. It's a bamboo blend. It was nice to work with. Occasionally, I would find that it wasn't spun quite as tight as I would have preferred, but for the most part, no problems. The pattern is from Men In Knits.


crmartin's picture

Very nice! The color is beautiful.



This is a really nice colour, and I like the small cables. Did you spin this yourself or did you buy the yarn?

jwhassjr's picture

I agree. I love the color. It's very bright and cheerful. Perfect choice!

And such a great garment. Wonderful job.

albert's picture

Beautiful job, Stan! Some info please: knit flat or round? What is the pattern stitch?

SKHolt's picture

It was knit flat in three pieces. The pattern is a simple four row cable pattern, nothing fancy. The yarn is 50% wool; 50% bamboo and I did not spin this myself.