On my way to my grandmother's yesterday, I stopped off at Shirley's Yarn & Gifts (Rte. 1 in Hancock, Maine, if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood) to see what they had on hand. They've got some really nice yarns and the staff are all very friendly, so I always enjoy visiting there. Anyway, just before I could ask, one of the staff pointed out to me that they had just gotten in some Malabrigo yarn, which I've been dreaming about for a while now and really obsessing on recently. If you haven't seen/touched it before, it's a wonderfully soft merino singles yarn, all handpainted. It's kind of like a yarn version of heroin - one touch and you're addicted. It's the kind of yarn that makes you want to strip down and jump naked into a giant vat of it...really! It's...well, you get the picture.

marron oscuroSo I showed some restraint and instead of a vat's worth only bought one skein of "marrón oscuro". The color name literally means "dark brown", but it's a blend of chocolate brown with shades of purple. As with most web photos, this one doesn't begin to do it justice. I decided to make myself a hat with it, but as it's fairly softly spun merino and will be prone to pilling/fulling when it gets damp (with sweat or precipitation), I decided to go ahead and full it once it's knit. The test swatch turned out quite nicely, so hopefully the end product will, as well. 


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I concur with your 'mmm.' This is some of my favorite yarn. So soft, so unbelievably soft. The kind of yarn your fingers enjoy whilst knitting. I made a pair of bulky mittens with the "Paris Nights" color (dark purples, greys and blacks).