Tranquility hat finished

I went to a LYS in the Minneapolis area yesterday and began a hat. I finished it up today. I purchased some of this yarn because I liked the color and after knitting with it, I had to have more. It's absolutely one of the best yarns I've ever been priviledged to have on my needles.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I'm away from home, and the only camera I have with me is on my phone.


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Tell us more about the yarn . . and the pattern. The hat looks great!


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Very nice! I love the color.



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I love the colour as well - is it a true variagated or heathered or what?
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The yarn is by Mooncake. It comes in a very wide variety of colors, and it's extremely soft. All colors have slight variation in them. So much so that they all appear to be hand dyed and knit up with a nice amount of varigation that give the finished project a nice affect.

The pattern was a freebie with the yarn and the bottom of the hat has this sort of double knit affect so that it's warmer for the ears. The only thing I'm trying to overcome for future ones is how to prevent the seam across the hat when I attach the band of extra knitting. I've sewn it on one hat and on this hat I did a three needle bindoff and the same result. It's not a terrible thing, but I'm not a fan of the seam.

The pattern is very simple, and like I said it comes free with a purchase of Tranquility yarn. The deal is at The Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove, MN.