Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #1

This Saturday I started work on the shawl and it was a disaster from the start. I was so excited in starting the shawl I failed to pay attention to the pattern. After 5 or 6 restarts I finally made some progress. Mistake #1. I failed to work in the even numbered rows (duh). I did not do this just once, but 3 or 4 times before I realized. Mistake #2. The ends of the shawl is made with a garter stitch border 6 stitches wide. While working on the WS I forgot to include the garter at the last 6 stitches. I didn't notice this flub until I was 6 rows into the first lace pattern. I did not have the heart to rip it so I reworked the mess up by dropping the stitches and reworking them correctly.


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Hi Dan,
Before you go any farther on your shawl go the I have that book and sadly it has many mistakes in the patterns. Anyway, if you go to the above address, click books, and then click on corrections, you will find a long list of interweave titles that have corrections available for downloading and printing. Your shawl pattern is one of the patterns in the book that has corrections.
Its maddening when you spend good money on books then find out that there are mistakes in the pattern but unfortunately it happens a lot. Most printing houses do have corrections available for downloading.........The color of yarn is perfect for the Irish diamond shawl. Keep knitting and hope this saves you some frustration as you progress......


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Thank you for your info. I've already looked up the corrections and have already worked on a partial test pattern while waiting for my yarn to come in.