Tree of Life #2

Size is everything.... hmm
21 rows into the project, and it seems awfully tight...
Am I too tense? It's been a while since I took on a new project...
Just for the fun of it, let's check. Then the surprise.
The size 12 needles I though I had bought were size 10. That's a pisser. If I continued, I'd have an afghan suited for the arctic, but hardly So. Cal.
So, ripped 2688 stitches, and started over. Arrgh!
Already starting to think ahead, has anyone seen a pattern that has the tree spanning the entire width of the afghan instead of repeating? Thanks, and peace!


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The Tree of Life is a beautiful afghan. It's on my list of projects to tackle someday. I'm a beginner, so I can't offer you any help, but I look forward to seeing your progress along the way. The folks here at MWK are very friendly and offer great advice. Welcome to the group!

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Sometimes I actually believe myself when I say that a mistake like this allows me to do more knitting, and since I love knitting, mistakes are fine with me.

Then I think about all the other things I want to knit other than the defective project, and I get annoyed with the error.

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I haven't seen a pattern with a tree that big on it. I know I knit really tightly in general anyway, so if you find that's the case, you might step up an additional needle size, but considering you were knitting two sizes too small, you're probably okay.

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