Guy Knits

I just checked out the book Guy Knits from Knitter's Magazine at the library. What do you think? Anything you're planning to knit soon?

I love a couple of their vests. Especially the Basketweave Green (although I'll probably choose a color a BIT less bright than the sample).

Models are awfully nice too ... that never hurts .... it's sort of like a cookbook with the pictures of the finished dishes. You know what I mean???


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Are you saying the models look tasty?

Personally, from what I've seen of the book, the models are the only interesting part of the book.

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There are two projects that I'm pondering, the Hjalte pullover by Elsebeth Lavold and the Mandalay Turtle by Norah Gaughan.

The Basketweave Green is quite nice, and would look good in any colour choosen.

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I'm thinking about the sweater with the three funny looking cables on the front and back, but probably with all three the same color. I love almost everything in it except some of the color choices.

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Took me a moment to find the review Marshall has seen, but thanks to him for pointing us in that direction. The videos can be reached from the Knitting Universe website at