On the road again

I'm traveling to Aitkin, MN for the next two months. It's about 2 1/2 hours from the twin cities. I was wondering if anyone know of any LYS in the surrounding area?


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There are four that I can think of right off that are within the metro area. The Yarnery in St Paul, their website is at: http://www.yarnery.com, south of there is the Yarn Garage in Rosemount, the webiste is at: http://www.yarngarage.com, Needlework Unlimited in Edina, their website is at: http://www.needleworkunlimited.com, and the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove, the website is at: http://www.yarn-cafe.com. Each website provides information on location, telephone numbers, hours open, etc. Oh! I can't forget Linden Hills Yarn in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, their website is at: http://www.lindenhillsyarn.com. There are quite a few others, but, at the moment they just won't come to mind.
As to the Aitkin area, I'm not familiar with shoppes in the area. Hope this helps.

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A quick search on dexonline came up with a few other choices that would be little closer to Aitkin. 1) Outing Yarn Shop {love the name} located at 6441 County Road 58 NE in Outing, MN that is about 23 miles from Aitkin and 2) Between Friends Yarn Shop at 602 Laurel St in Brainerd, MN at about 27 miles from Aitkin.
I'm not certain of the distance it would be to Duluth/Superior, but, there are two shoppes that maybe of interest to explore, 1) Fabric Works at 1320 Tower Ave in Superior, WI (telephone number: 715-392-7060) and 2) Yarn Harbor at 103 Mount Royal Shopping Circle in Duluth, MN (telephone number: 218-724-6432)

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Thanks for the information. This is my second week in the area and believe me when I say "thank God for knitting." There is absolutely nothing to do here, which is great because I have way too many PIGs (projects in grocery bags). I was in Brainerd today, but not on a yarn mission. I haven't had internet access for two weeks and Brainerd was the only place where I could find a store to buy an aircard for my laptop. Now that I know how to get there, I'll take a trip over the weekend to check out Outing Yarn Shop. Review of what I find is forth coming.

I'm about two and 1/2 hours north of the cities, so I likely won't venture out for a day trip. I have been to The Yarnery and liked it pretty well. I have made several trips to the Yarn Cafe as well as spent some time sitting and working on some projects. It's a great shop and the staff are phenominal. It's one of my favorites.