Knit Picks Options Circular Needles

I've been meaning to rave about Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles, which I've used for my last project and the one I'm working on at the moment.

They are just the best thing going. Extremely versatile and a dream to use. Buying the complete standard set and a pair of each of the largest sizes was worth every penny. Read the hype on the Knit Picks website - you can believe every word of it.

A few reviewers on knitting forums could give you the impression that the metal version of these needles (they now also do a wooden set) are overly sharp and extremely slippery. I don't agree, though you can be guaranteed that your completed stitches will fly off your needles with minimum effort.

Frustratingly, Knit Picks themselves only seem to supply to North America and won't do international delivery. The UK supplier is the Bristol-based store Get Knitted, which gives me an excuse for another rave...

Get Knitted have provided some fantastic customer service. Having had the set for a couple of months I realised that one of the sealed packs supplied by Knit Picks had a mismatched pair of needles. Not only did Get Knitted reply to my e-mail within 24 hours (and on a Saturday too), they were kind enough to send a replacement needle through the post a couple of days later. I like these guys, and good customer service is the best excuse for customer loyalty.

I'd certainly encourage anyone with a use for circular needles to go an investigate this set, and if you need a UK supplier, then head straight for Get Knitted.


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I bought a whole set of the wooden ones and love them - they are really great to knit with. I wouldn't start a project now without them.


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I just got my Harmony needles a few weeks ago and I love them also. I am very happy with them and I think they are very reasonably priced.


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Well said! The customer service at Knit Picks is equal to your UK experience. I have and use the nickel-plated set and simply love them, and I was a bamboo needle junkie before I got them. I also bought their regular circs in the smaller sizes (too small to be interchangeable) and they are a dream too and they come in both US and metric sizes.

When I have a few extra dollars saved up I will add the Harmony tips to my collection, since I can use them with the Options cables I already have. What a great bargain! True "options" indeed and a complete set of wonderful needles in US and metric sizes 1 - 15, in all lengths from 16" up, for a lot less than $200. Can't be beat!

I've also used several of their yarns. The Swish superwash is amazingly soft and the Wool of the Andes is lovely too. I hope to save up enough to try a few pairs of the Harmony DPs too, eventually.

Viva la Knit Picks! LOL

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Being as OCD as I am, I bought the Harmony Wood (can you say beautiful?) and nickel sets along with all available larger sizes in wood. I haven't goten their DPs or smaller non-interchangeables yet, but as needs arise I probably will... maybe I should actually finish a project or four before I get new needles..... nahhh.


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I too am a fan. I have several sizes/lengths of the wood and one metal. They are the best needles I have ever uses. I also have some of the wood DP's. I love the 16" circulars for making hats. I wish they would come out with a 9" circular for socks.