The Perfect Knitter's Gift

I just received this wonderful wee hardcover book called "Knitticisms...and Other Purls of Wisdom".   From the inside dust jacket:  "As anyone who's ever picked up yarn and needles with the intent of learning to knit will tell you, the most important attributes that all new knitters should have in their knitting basket is a sense of humor.  Knitticisms is a fun, light look at the world of knitting featuring purls of knit wit and wisdom.  Along with brilliant color photographs, historical black-and-white images, artwork, vintage pattern booklets and advertising, these words of wisdom make this an amusing presentation of the craft that promises a little something for every knitting enthusiast."

 The chapters: 1. Much Ado About Knitting - How Not to Knit in Seven Easy Lessons [a man knitter tells his story of knitting his first sweater after being taught how to knit by his wife]. 2. Purls Before Swine - Infallible Excuses for Buying More Yarn. 3. Patron Saints of Knitting - Apostles of the Divine Mytery of Yarn. 4. Knitting Affirmations - Reasons to Start New Projects (Without Finishing Old Ones). 5. Knitting Disasters - Garments of Torture on the Path to Perfection. 6. Purls of Wisdom - Warning Signs That Your Knitting Controls You.

I laughed all the way through this 96 page book.  The best part was reading the story of Jazques Plante, a Canadian hockey player who led his team, the Montreal Canadiens, to a record 5 Stanley Cups from 1956 to 1960.  He knit his own jersey and tuque when he began to play as he was too poor to purchase them.  He would knit hats and sweaters in the locker room and on the bench during games.  What a guy!

An error I found was that Rosie Greer is recorded here as crocheting but I am 100% positive that he was and is an avid needlepointer.

This book is the perfect gift for the knitter who [seems] to have everything.

NB: the caption for the photo in the first attachment is: "How Not to Knit - Knitting lesson: For safety's sake, always wear the proper knitting attire.

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...I guess if one can get used to double pointed can get used to those high heeled pumps!


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One of my Xmas gifts from David was the For the Love of Knitting wall calendar from the same publishing company & it contains the same painting that's on the cover of this book. Says it was from a 1935 cover of Home Arts magazine. It looks and sounds like a fun little book (and I just happen to have an gift certificate...hmmmm :-).

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Hi Jeese! It sound very funny.

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Thanks for the recommendation, Jesse.  Based on the titles, it sounds like chapter 4 is the one for me!  Affirmations, indeed.