final stretch on Dad's sweater..long distance knitting DOUBTS.

Steeked the neck openings and shoulder shapings on Dad's...basted the shoulders together to check for fit. Kitchenered the sides (the piece is knit side to side, so I kitchener the sides rather than the shoulders, as I normally do.) Tonight I'm going to do the finish sewing on the shoulders, knit up some gussets for the underarms, sew up the sleeves, perhaps. Do some reinforcing chain stitches on the back of the neck... All that will be left to do is the button (zipper?) band and all the ribbing. It seems that it's going to fit me beautifully..... The only thing is: Dad said "If it fits you, it will fit me". BUT... I'm mostly back, and I think my Dad is a bit more tummy.... It's a bit oversized, but not huge... I am designing it so I can add more stitches to the side if need be. The sleeves/shoulders which are now set in, are plenty big enough... (I hope). EEEK. I'll take some pictures tonight.


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Controversial people are special people and I am a special person!
Long distance is better than no distance. My father died 3 yrs ago and he would have been so thrilled if I knit him a sweater. Treasure every moment you can.

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Actually it was a dream that my folks had died and I'd never given them their sweaters that turned on the turbo boosters on this project...