A Beginner: first finished object

Hi! I love this website! I'm new and have only been knitting for about two weeks now. I can't stop. I'm an addict. I almost called in sick to work to stay home and knit. So far I've done two felted bowls, a felted ipod case, and have started 2 scarves. I've learned a lot from this website so far! This is my first felted bowl - it actually knit up just like a hat, and I wore it for a few hours before surrendering it to the washing machine. I'm just starting to get a feel for the circular needles and double pointed needles, but feel like I can make anything!


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Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to MWK.
Your knitted bowl looks terrific! and the colour is beautiful. What yarn did you use to knit the bowl in the photograph? It felted up very nicely.

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I can identify with your obsession! I have been tempted to call in sick on more than one occasion!

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Thank you! I was pleased as it was my first project ever! I used a pattern in a book called "one skeins" which called for a chunky yarn. I didn't have any chunky yarn, so I knitted two colors of Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted yarn together: Charcoal Heather and Taupe Heather. I was really pleased with the outcome. I put some lemons and limes in the bowl and it looks beautiful on my kitchen counter. I have since made a larger bowl with the taupe and a light green, which will be felted this weekend. I was nervous about felting since I have a front load washer, but I added an old pair of sneakers and two old pairs of jeans and it turned out just fine!

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You've been knitting for two weeks and that's all you've done? Lazy man! :)

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You obviously have amazing talent especially since you've been knitting two weeks! Wow... that's amazing. The bowl looks great. I also have wanted to call in sick although I've never done it. Sitting at home all day and knitting is something I think about doing often. What a day, huh?


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Wow, another incredibly talented new knitter. You guys are amazing. I think about calling in sick and knitting all day every day (I don't, but would love to).



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Welcome to MWK and the wonderful world of knitting.

So far I've done two felted bowls, a felted ipod case, and have started 2 scarves

WOW! I might have managed ONE of those projects in two weeks.

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I can't believe you have done all of that in just two weeks! You are a very quick learner. And even better, that you have done it from the guys here or in books. I am a frequent visitor to the LYS to get instruction and advice. I have gotten into felting over the past year, and enjoying it very much.

I have a front loader washer, as well. I followed the advice of my LYS guru, first washing the project with a pair of jeans (or sneakers), and letting it felt as much as it will, then felting it more my hand; "scrubbing" the project like on an old fashioned scrubbing board to further agitate the fibers.

I look forward to seeing more of your works.


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Wow, good job! beautiful work :)

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Bowls are on my list of to-do projects. You started your knitting life on the right path - a bowl, something you can display and enjoy year-round! A scarf hangs in the closet most of the time, hidden from you and envious admirers...