My other project

This is a shawl that I am working on for my wife. I'm using alpaca wool spun in Peru. It's a natural color with no dyes but they call it mist grey. 8oz = 665 yards. It's on size 11 circular needles and is a feather and fan pattern. This is the pattern that inspired the scarf for my mother in law that I posted yesterday. I actually started this project before the scarf, but it is so intimidating that I keep putting it off.

It is so soft to the touch and will really look nice on my wife's shoulders. It's light enough that I can imagine her being able to wear it out on a cool summer night.

The hat I'm wearing on the right is actually my 4th completed project and was also done during the making of this shawl as a distraction.

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The shawl looks great- knit on! I'm drooling over that color, what is the name of the yarn and the brand?

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That is beautiful, I can't believe that you are a new knitter. You have a natural talent. You must have been a master knitter in a previous life. :-)



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My grandmother was a master knitter for sure! Maybe she influenced me more than I realized. She knit for Vogue on several occasions and taught many, many people. She was an artist. I never got a lesson from her, but I remember spending many afternoons as a child mesmerized by her needles.

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I've always suspected talant was genetically transmitted!

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I LOVE IT!!! I will treasure it...forever...when it is I am looking forward to it smile...and all the inbetween items as well heehee!!

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You are a lucky lady!