Thanks for the Inspiration

Hey Everyone,

I just joined here and you guys are amazing. I'm new to the world of knitting and learning a lot online. Imagine my surprise to find a whole website devoted to Men Who Knit! Anyway I just wanted to say hello and thanks for this site. Here is a picture of some hats I recently made, experimenting with color work. Hoping to graduate soon to some larger projects (like a sweater for my partner).

Take care,



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What great work. I'm amazed at you guys that are just learning and doing such fantastic knitting projects. Continue to share your newly found craft with all of us.


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We do seem to be attracting a very high caliber of "new knitter" these days. Welcome to MWK!

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You know, you extremely talented new guys are making us old timers look mediocre! Beautiful hats and welcome to the group.



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Hey there,

I'll just parrot everyone else - you've done amazing work and we're glad you're here!! Keep it up and post more pics!! It is a great community we have here. Very inspiring.


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Greetings! MWK will surely keep you in stitches.

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Hello John,
Welcome to MWK.
The hats are wonderful, and the colour combinations accentuate each other beautifully.
It truly is amazing and inspiring to see and read of the talents and skills that each member possesses.

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Great hats! I love to knit hats and one can't have enough to wear and give as gifts.

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Welcome to the group. The hats are amazing. I also like making them, wearing them and giving them as gifts. The biggest thrill was walking in the east village one day and somebody asked me where I got the hat. When told I made it, he asked if I would sell it and lo and behold I had more money to spend on yarn.
From your knitting, it looks like you will graduate to sweaters quite soon.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome. I'm glad to join MWK and I look forward to learning LOTS from you. Thanks again, John