Chorus weekend

PGMC is spending the weekend at a singers retreat at B'nai B'rith camp (Jewish summer camp) in Lincoln City, OR...Oh boy...lumpy mattresses, camp food, snoring of 15 men in a cabin (pack the earplugs). You had DAMN WELL BETTER BET I'm bringing my knitting to protect my sanity. BUT I don't think I'm going to bring Dad's sweater...Too many things that could happen to it, but then again. If I bring it, I may finish it. decisions, decisions....

I sewed up the shoulders and the sides, knit up gussets for under the arms, and am ready to sew on the sleeves, almost.


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Ah, chorus much fun.....(and that has both the sarcastic and the 'genuine sentiment' meanings)

I remember one year when we had a 'decorate your cabin based on a movie' contest. One cabin was a bloody mess, entitled "Shaving Ryan's Privates". Another had the chalk outline of a little dog, straw thrown everywhere, and a bloody gingham dress...."The Wizard of Oz 2: The Witch's Revenge".

Have fun!!!

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We had a sci-fi theme...No offense to any Trekkies, but I'd rather boil and eat my own head. I didn't bring my knitting either...It wasn't a very exciting time for me, but the singing was good.

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one chorus retreat...i've been there. enjoy :)

we put birds on things

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boiling and eating your own head, i believe, is some scottish delicacy. what can i say, they have rough winters...

we put birds on things

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What's the saying...

Eat your heart out? Isn't that called "haggis"?

(just kidding)