Howdy y'all from Colorado.
I am new at this blog thing so be kind. I have been a closet knitter for some time. NO LONGER !
I am self taught ( a few books) . But now find myself at the level of pure enjoyment . Finding patterns(back then) with which I was really happy, was dismal at best . There was a lot of gut knitting and very little fashion . I am drawn to simple and well executed forms .From day one I had to "make it work" with what was to be found.
I worked in the "ragg trade" so designing ,etc...was not a problem. A method of getting it from my drawing pad to wearable was !
I was told by some of you that,"... if I show you mine, you'd show me here goes !
These pix tell the story of the last 4 months...the guy sweaters are from the "Dale of Norway" books.
These have been scaled for the gauge and altered for the wearer. The green one is an original, knit from cuff to cuff . (Note the pocket !)
The girl's "stuff" are all my designs and patterns . There are many more these are all I had pix of .
If it is knitted , I have attempted somewhere along the years. I work very quickly, and seldom use published patterns. I sometimes use needles larger than US #4. (ha,Ha) .
My joy is knitting lace on #000's , and socks on US #1's .


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This is incredible to me! I wonder if I will ever be able to knit at this level! You are an artist.

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It might only be Sticks and string, but the way you use them is fantastic. I love your patterns. The colours are great. I bet your sisters were over the moon every time you showed off one of your new creations and told people "My sister made it".
I'm glad you are now out and proud. I just wish I had a family member who was a knitter to your standard and wanted to gift me their wonderful creations of Art that also kept me snug and warm.
I suppose that is why I have picked up the needles and started to learn the old plain and purl.
I look forward to seeing more of your knitting.