"Weave-It" loom lap blanket with knitted triangles border

My grandmother made blankets and pillows using her little "Weave-It" loom, so of course as a child, I learned how to weave on it. Fast forward about 30 years. While visiting my mom, rediscovered the very same loom that grandma used. Mom gave it to me and over the next year, I wove the squares you see here. Then, unsure of how to put it all together, I simply packed them away in mothballs. When we moved to Istanbul, 5 years ago, I gave them to Mom, thinking she'd take on the task. However, she promptly put them on a shelf in her garage and forgot about them. Last Christmas, while back in Nebraska, I rescued them and brought them back to Istanbul. Partner, Bill has picked up several looms with instruction manuals over the years, so I had a better idea of how to correctly sew the squares together, so voila, my 15 year project was finally finished. Found the knitted border on the net. It was a bit of a hassle, picking up an edge loop everyother row while alternating colors, but I like the final result...

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Nice! Slightly insane, but Nice work!

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Thanks! I know that I can be a little compulsive...

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quite impressive. i'm about to finish an argyle cardingan i began 20 yrs ago while living in germany. i said about. still staring at it in the basket.

we put birds on things

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Finish it. You'll feel better. I know that I do. Sometimes those unfinished projects can unknowingly haunt one.